• Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time - July 27, 2014
      The one who knows of the kingdom of heaven brings new and old from the storeroom - Matthew 13:44-52
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    • This Week's Liturgical Messages

      Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time — July 27, 2014

      First Reading — 1 Kings 3:5, 7-12;

      Psalm — Psalm 119;

      Second Reading — Romans 8:28:30;
      Gospel — Matthew 13:44-52.
      Reflecting on God's Word — In our lottery- and sweepstakes- obsessed culture, it is common to ask ourselves or others what they would do if they won. In today's first reading, Solomon certainly hits the jackpot. What prize could be greater than having God Almighty agree to give you whatever you ask for? Out of all the things he could have asked for, Solomon chose to ask for understanding, and was rewarded with it. We would do well to wonder what we would ask for if God made us the same offer. Actually, God does make us the same offer each and every day, by granting us another day of life, a bit of the earth's goods, some gift or ability, some call to goodness, some portion of the divine will. Each of these is a "prize." We should stop and examine what we are going to do with our prize: keep it or use it selfishly, or put it at the service of the spread of the gospel? The reign of God, too, seems to find us rather than the other way around. At least that's what the Gospel this Sunday seems to suggest when it compares the reign of God to a treasure found buried in a field. Treasures tend to find us, sometimes even when we're actually searching for them, as in the Gospel's tale of the fine pearl. That's why Solomon needed to lean on God for some wisdom, because he couldn't come to it on his own. It's also why parents can't make their children believers, because faith finds us. In fact, some folks would suggest that most of the really valuable things we wait for are all part and parcel of God's reign, things like love or wisdom or the joy that comes with the perfect job or the child you've been waiting for. In one way or another, God's reign finds us.

      Reflection —  "All things work for good for those who love God..."—  Romans 8:28a
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