A number of people indicated their willingness to lend a hand to work on our Together We Dreamed - In Faith We Build campaign at recent services. We are most grateful to them and their commitment to our campaign and our church. All will be contacted sometime soon to place them in an appropriate place within the organizational structure of our campaign. This type of volunteer willingness is critical to our campaign's success.

Many hands make for light work and it is our goal to ultimately involve as many parishioners as possible in various ways in this essential effort for our church. With this type of volunteer support, everyone's job will be a joy, no one will have to do too much for too long, and we will foster a tremendous sense of unity, community and commitment that will serve us well not only in the campaign but beyond.

Here's a list of our growing group of volunteers!

Ernesto & Carlota Agard
Segundo & Aida Azurin
Tony & Nellie Basquez
Rafaela Baxa
John & Catherine Bernatchy
Janet Blea
Norma Bolante
Paz Cajucom
Joe & Gladys Carrasco
Daniel & Carmen Carson
Alfred & Ramona Cervantes
Mary DeDonato
Dacy & Pedro De Santiago
Jimmy Dichoso
Joe & Jeanine Doerflein
Ronald & Michelle Eck
Veronica Fierros
Don & Denise Fisher
Gerald & Mary Fong
Natividad & Guily Fontillas
Doris Gibson
Charles & Haruko Gilliam
Ronald & Dora Godfrey
Arthur & Frances Gomes
Robbie & Teresa Gonzales
Maria Gonzalez
Maria Consuelo Gutierrez
Agustin & Concepcion Guzman  
Vi Hall
David & Susan Hanner
Lennie & Clara Heimericks
Edgar & Elizabeth Hernandez
Dan & Diane Herteg
John & Peggy Hoien
Romeo & Carmen Jarin
David Jiminez
Gregory & Rosemary Judd
Jack & Jean Lai
Evangelina Lovett
Judy Maffei
Rose Malone
Florinio & Marilou Manela
Kit Mapa Yamamoto
Francisca Martinez
Adelaida Masulit
Judy McGuire
Armando & Becky Mora
Billy & Virgie Monteagudo
Joe Monteagudo
Hank & Patti Morrow
Paul & Celia Munoz
Ray & Imelda Nanca
Kay NaRanong
Theresa Nartey
Susan Nguyen
Judy Niedzwiedz
Nancy Oide
Zenaida Oriel
Sister Armida Ortega
Cynthia Paez
Paul Pham
Rigoberto Pineda
Alicia Plasencia
Iner Pugat
Michael Rich
Esther Riddlesperger
Elizabeth Rodriguez
Gustavo Rodriquez
Juan San Miguel
Ralph Sanchez
David Santos
Walter & Terry Schaub
Hal Seyvertsen 
Milet Sison
Dom & Jane Somera
Rev. Vicente Teneza
Francisco Tyquiengco
Jesus & Elizabeth Velasco
Dee Vendeiro
Jack Vito
Diane E. Welsh
Mary K. Wolf
Dale & Shirley Yamamoto
David Zarka
Laura & Francis Zawalick  

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